5 stars for Wars of the Roses.

(c) Mark Douet

(c) Mark Douet

Yesterday was the Press night for the Wars of the Roses. That’s all three plays (Henry VI, Edward VI and Richard III).  Dominic Cavendish has given the run of three plays five stars in The Telegraph.  You can read his review here.

London Theatre 1 also gave the production 5 stars.  In the review there was lots of praise for Alex’s character development:

The greatest character development of all is seen in Henry VI (a hugely likeable Alex Waldmann) – the audience sees him grow into his role as ruler of the realm. There is much sympathy for Henry as he deals with affairs of state. Even as an unsure and frightened boy with a sceptre in hand, Waldmann held the audience’s attention, and he was conspicuous by his absence whenever off-stage.

Read the full review here.

Michael Billinton from The Guardian also enjoyed the productions and has given the productions four stars.  He was full of praise for Alex’s development of Henry’s character, saying:

At first I felt Alex Waldmann, in conveying Henry’s boyishness, veered towards feyness, but it was moving to see him progress during the day from naive optimism to bookish resignation.

Read Review here.

Natasha Tripney writing for The Stage did not like the overall concept and the productions in general.   However, really liked Alex’s performance as Henry stating, “Only Alex Waldmann’s meek Henry VI, such a genial barefoot kingling in the beginning, manages to impart something natural into his role.”  Read the full review here.

Out administrator will be looking for further reviews and will keep you posted.

You can purchase tickets for the productions here.

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