Reviews: Royal Shakespeare Company 2012

King John (2012)

Dominic Cavendish in The Telegraph 

“As AA Milne so memorably put it, “King John was not a good man”. In Maria Aberg’s radical, flashy and defiantly feminising interpretation of Shakespeare’s under-loved history play, John – louche, insouciant and febrile in Alex Waldmann’s hypnotic, proto-Hamlety turn – remains a very poor male role model.” Read the full review here.

What’s On Stage said:

“However she [Pippa Nixon] is not the only brilliant participant in this drama. Alex Waldmann matches her step for step in the title role. Much younger than most to have tackled this tricky role, he grasps it with both hands and gives it a humour and muscularity that is engaging, clear-sighted and always watchable” What’s On Stage. Read the Review.

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