All My Sons at the Rose Theatre


(Photograph (c) Rose Theatre

Our admin team went to the first preview night of All My Sons at the Rose Theatre on 28th November.  We loved this subtle beautifully acted production.  Alex’s portrayal of Chris Keller was particularly enthralling.  Alex was able to exhibit a cool stillness, whilst revealing the emotion boiling up inside.

The reviews have been really positive so far. 

Lyn Gardner in The Guardian

There are three excellent reasons to see Michael Rudman’s revival of Arthur Miller’s postwar play about guilt, responsibility and the consequences of greed. One is simply that it is a rollicking good story about family secrets, the unintended consequences of actions and how, in trying to look after our own, we can destroy them and ourselves. The others are the very fine performances from Penny Downie and Alex Waldmann as the mother and son locked in a desperate dance to avoid the truth.

Read the full review here.

The Stage said: “Alex Waldmann brings his usual degree of nuance and charm to the role of surviving son Chris.”

Read the full review here.

Alan Franks writing for London Theatre 1 said: “Also outstanding are Alex Waldmann as Chris Keller, the anguished inheritor of his brother’s girl and Edward Harrison as the darkly avenging angel George Deever, raging son of Joe’s scapegoated, jailed deputy.”

Read the review here.

Emma Clarendon in Love London Love Culture writes, “Alex Waldmann as Chris delivers the most passionate performance from his awkward manner of talking to Ann about marriage, to the way in which he confronts Joe showcases an exhausting amount of emotion.”

Read the full review here:


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