Reviews 2016: In the Night Time (Before the Sun Rises)

In the Night Time (Before the Sun Rises) +

“And Adelle Leonce and Alex Waldmann are very touching as the couple: precise, funny, frazzled, they seem to tire and age in front of you.

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“Alex Waldmann and Adelle Leonce also play the young couple with a commendably uninhibited mix of ferocity and tenderness and show how a child can both divide and unite troubled parents.”

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“Segal’s dialogue oscillates between third and first person, while performers Alex Waldmann and Adelle Leonce always seem to be both in and out of character at the same time, flickering constantly between narrating and representing. It feels vital that they don’t ever become too particular, too easy to dismiss. This is not just about them, in the same way that fairytales are never just about Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. This is for all of us who have brought or will bring or might bring another human being into this world. This incredible, broken, fucked-up world.”

Catherine Love’s thoughtful review can be found here.