Reviews: Royal Shakespeare Company 2013

All’s Well That Ends Well (2013)

Alex played the lead role of Bertram.

“Alex Waldman mercilessly lays bare the callow insolence of the hard-drinking, charmlessly laddish Bertram” Charles Spencer in The Telegraph. Read the Review.

“As for Alex Waldmann’s Bertram, he is less an iredeemable rotter than the damaged product of a laddish, battle-hungry culture: it is clear he secretly fancies Helena but is seduced even more by the thrill of danger and a world in which the French gentry are “sick for breathing and exploit”.” Michael Billington in The Guardian. Read the Review.

“Alex Waldmann continues to make an impressive impact in this RSC company as the young, volatile and changeable Bertram, whose enforced betrothal to the lower-class Helena meets with his fury. Waldmann is feisty and believable in the tricky role, and plays superbly off Joanna Horton’s touching, vulnerable Helena.” The Stage. Read the Review.

As You Like It (2013)

Alex played the lead role of Orlando

“The love play has a wonderful spark about it, for there is real chemistry between Nixon and Waldman, [sic] an engagingly nerdy chap despite his rippling musculature, who makes the disastrous fashion choice of sporting a Peruvian knitted hat, complete with tassels. When they kiss they really mean it – even though at this stage Orlando believes Rosalind to be a boy.” Charles Spencer in The Telegraph. Read the Review.

“Nixon and Alex Waldmann as Orlando make a sparkling leading pair, convincingly lovestruck at first sight.” Evening Standard. Read the Review.

“But the show belongs to Pippa Nixon and Alex Waldmann, who complement each other perfectly – as the love-struck Rosalind and Orlando.” Birmingham Mail. Read the Review.

“Waldmann is the most natural Orlando I have seen, even when picking out “I Walk The Line” on a piano accordion, never mind pitching woo to a young man pretending to be Rosalind but who in fact isRosalind in cross-dressed disguise.” Ian Shuttleworth in The Financial Times.  Read the Review.

Hamlet (2013)

Alex played Horatio

“Alex Waldmann also impresses as Horatio, bringing an endearing earnestness to the character. Waldmann, as he showed in King John, always a very watchable actor. Indeed I wondered how different this production might have been had he been in the title role. Certainly I hope his time will come in this regard.” Simon Tavener on What’s On Stage. Read the Review.

“It’s touching to see how naturally he [Slinger’s Hamlet] continues to interact with his one true friend, Horatio (Alex Waldmann, putting in yet more fine work for the RSC), even in the midst of the escalating mayhem of Act Five.” (The Evening Standard)

Read the full review here: Hamlet, RSC – theatre review | Theatre | Going Out | London Evening Standard.

Ian Shuttleworth in The Financial Times said:

“Horatio (the now consistently worthwhile Alex Waldmann) is the kind of affable, bespectacled housemaster who wears Scandinavian sweaters; Pippa Nixon’s Ophelia is a shy English mistress whose first encounter with Hamlet causes her to drop a pile of marking.”

Read the full review here.

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