Reviews: 2014

Widowers’ Houses (Orange Tree Theatre)

“In a strongly theatrical cast, the young lovers, Alex Waldmann and Rebecca Collingwood, make their characters as lively, funny, infuriating and well matched as anyone could wish.” Clare Brennan in The Guardian. Read the Review.

” Alex Waldmann exudes bluff, wide-eyed likeability as Harry Trench, the young gentleman who falls for Sartorius’s daughter only to (briefly) recoil on learning of this self-made man’s insalubrious source of income…”  Dominic Cavendish in The Telegraph. Read the Review.

Jonah and Otto (Park Theatre)

“Alex Waldmann is terrific, too, as the angelic and devilish Jonah, capturing the desolation that lurks behind the unnerving facade of alternating charm and aggression.” Lyn Gardner in The Guardian. Read the Review

“Waldmann’s Jonah is a beguiling mix of mischief and shyness..” Henry Hitchings in The Evening Standard.  Read the Review

“Peter Egan and Alex Waldmann both give richly textured performances. Egan is measured but aching… Waldmann is tense and fizzy.” Time Out. Read the review

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