Reviews 2017: Julius Caesar (Royal Shakespeare Company)

Michael Billington in The Guardian.

“Alex Waldmann portrays Brutus as a troubled neurotic who masks his uncertainty by making a series of wrong-headed decisions: my abiding image is of him sitting alone, after the conspirators have departed, trembling with fear at the task ahead.”

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The Leaming Courier

“Performances are strong throughout, but particular plaudits are due to Alex Waldmann as an endearing Brutus and to Martin Hutson as an upstanding yet deeply flawed Cassius.”

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The Daily Mail

“As ringleader of the conspirators in Caesar, Alex Waldmann’s Brutus nails the honourable bit”

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Financial Times

“Alex Waldmann thoroughly deserves his most prominent RSC role to date as Brutus […]”

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British Theatre Guide

“Martin Hutson’s Cassius does indeed carry that lean and hungry look, while the reliable Alex Waldmann—now something of a versatile RSC stalwart—mines the complexities and pain of the play’s most ambiguous character, Brutus, a man about to be torn apart by two horses.”

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“Alex Waldmann’s Brutus, somewhat tentative in his early scenes and his relationship with Portia (Hannah Morrish), comes into his own in his quarrel with Cassius.”

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Peter Viney in his blog says:

“The intensity of the first half was spellbinding. In particular, Brutus (Alex Waldmann) and Cassius (Martin Hutson) had a powerful chemistry going between them. Alex Waldmann has a strange power of “sincerity” in every role.This was a deeply troubled Brutus working against a fiercely intense and neurotic Cassius.”

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