King John at the Globe is a huge success


Our blogger was at the first night of King John at Shakespeare’s Globe.  it was always going to be exciting seeing the production at the host organisation.  After travelling to three different churches, the production arrived at the Globe on June 1st 2015.  The key features of the production in the churches was the use of candles, and the way the production played on a cross in the church.

Alex was sensational on the first night at the Globe.  He has perfected the audience participation and in the Globe being so close to the audience he could really engage with them.  Alex is such a skilful actor that he can use his whole persona to create a presence, and the Globe was ideal for this.

Of course in the Globe, the playing space is very different.  Rather than try and recreate the cross, in the Globe, a platform was created across the yard.  Steps in the yard were used to great effect.  There were candelabra dotted at the side of the platform and on stage, but only a few of these were used.  It must be hard to keep  candles alight in the outdoors and it was a bit rainy and windy on the first night.

Key differences from the church tour were that the musicians were on stage at the Globe, entrances and exits were through the yard, and if you looked carefully you could see a stage manager poised at exits  to take weapons from actors in the fight scenes.

If you are in the Yard, stand near the platform and you’ll get a great view of the performance, and of Alex as an impish charismatic Bastard.

Oh and there was a well deserved standing ovation from some of the crowd, with more to come we hope.

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