Waiting for the First Night Preview of King John at Temple Church



Hello, I’m the AWN blogger I’m now here and in Temple Church waiting for the start of the very first preview of the Globe’s King John to start.  I suppose technically there isn’t really a preview as all tickets are the same price during the run.  The excitement is still the same, because we are waiting to see a production for the first time ever.

There was already a queue at 7 pm with 30 mins to go.

It’s going to be an exciting 3 months as this production tours and ends up at the Globe in June.

The church is not an easy place to find, so if you are coming to see the play, it would be best to make sure you’ve checked directions beforehand.  It’s in the middle of a cluster of buildings off Fleet Street.  It’s  near Temple tube station and on the opposite side of the river from the Globe where this production will end in June.

(c) Temple Church

(c) Temple Church

It’s a stunning venue with its ceilings and gold beams in places. Whilst the Globe’s production of King John is on the church is closed to visitors (apart from audiences of course). There’s a real sense of history here.

One thing we can be sure of is that the production will be so different from Maria Aberg’s 2012 production, which was set in some kind of hotel lounge and not a medieval church visited by the lawyers from the Inns of Court for centuries.  I know that many people adored the 2012 production, and are interested to see Alex play the Bastard after playing King John.

So here we go… see you at the other side.

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