Medieval John?

All the information coming out of the rehearsals for the Globe’s King John suggest that the production will be set in a medieval setting.  There was a tweet from cast member,  Aruhan Galieva, saying that the cast were practicing a medieval dance to a Missy Elliott song, ‘Get your freak on’, but I don’t think we’ll get a modern production.

In Maria Aberg’s 2012 production of King John, the setting was  modern, though slightly ambiguous, the set looking like a slightly seedy 1980s hotel. Who can forget that brown carpet? The production contained songs from Rom-Coms such as Time of My Life (from Dirty Dancing) and Say A Little Prayer (from My Best Friend’s Wedding).  The cast was in modern dress, and  as you can see from the photo below (by Zuleika Henry), Alex, playing King John, wore jeans and a vest in the war scenes.

It looks like the two productions will be very different, and I think that will make seeing Alex in both exciting.

(c) Zuleika Henry

(c) Zuleika Henry

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